I have been working with video for years developing several video-based platforms for my own content along with developing exclusive content for brands and clients.


Capturing the right moment or tone for content can be the difference between creating something magical and eye-catching or creating something that will be ignored.


Working across several different formats has allowed me to become an all-rounder for many brands, being able to shoot product, lifestyle and action shots as a single photographer creating a consistent theme and tone to run through all of your content.

Working with so many brands over my career to date along with own hobbyist work has allowed me to develop a deep affinity with many different forms of photography such as street photography, action sports, product photography, lifestyle photography and even event & wedding photography. 

Through my work for many brands in skateboarding, I have developed a unique understanding of flow and movement to capture what is required for a variety of clients. This includes hand-held, steady cam and vehicle mounted action frame capture.


Video content has proven to be some of the most viral content available in digital marketing, garnering most social media platforms to offer video.

Creating high-quality video content can capture audiences and target markets attention and draw attention to your brand in a way that develops deep personality and likability.


The Calvillain youtube channel has been a great success. It opened a pathway to create audience-friendly skateboarding content. This content has been extremely successful having several brands such as Hopkin Skate, Mudjimba Cruisers, Motion Boardshop, Zesty Gnar and Thane Store get involved with the platform as a way to promote themselves.

The personal nature of the platform allows for content to be trusted by its audience.

I love to work and have worked with all sorts of video content such as; weddings, product shoots, skateboarding videos, charity videos, interviews, narrative and short film. I believe working with a large variety of content allows for a videographer to learn more and be able to give more.


Founding The East Cooperative with Ryan Bliss allowed for me to create a video platform dedicated to providing high-quality skateboarding content, the platform hit over 1000 facebook likes in under 12 months and continues to grow, offering new content on a weekly basis.

The platform has several content creators and skateboarders aligned with it to ensure high-quality content for our audience and potential brand partners. In the past the east cooperative has worked with local skate company Mudjimba Cruisers to produce content.

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